I was born, raised, and educated in Germany and moved to California in 1996 for college. After ten years in Santa Cruz, California, in 2005 I moved to San Francisco to be closer to the design and development industry.

I have experience working both as a designer and developer since 1999. I have helped both large and small clients ranging from individuals to boutique brands to Fortune 500 corporations. I have worked as a freelancer where I have had to oversee projects from information gathering to planning and design through development and launch. I have also worked on teams in various companies, developing large projects.

I am equally interested in design and development and have found that the two compliment each other. Thinking about developing while designing—and vice versa—leads to a more cohesive process and better final product.

I am always eager to learn about new technology and new techniques and to stay current with trends and programs. I am fascinated by the psychology that drives people to interact with technology and how that can be facilitated by a good vision, planning, and clever design and solid development. I strive to develop a solid process while still maintaining flexibility to address challenges specific to each individual project.


My involvement in each project differs, depending for whom I work. At agencies, I am often hired to work on specific tasks; while freelancing, I typically help a client with project needs from start to finish. I believe that the process is important, but it is also critical to keep an open mind and remember that each project is different. Adapting to project-specific challenges is essential.

When there is a project that needs additional resources, I have a network of other freelancers and small studios I can utilize to get any project completed that needs a specialized skill set.


This is a very important foundation of any project. Understanding what is the goal, the audience, the client’s vision and budget, etc., is the beginning of every concept.


Once the parameters are established, the process of possible solutions begins. What can be done and in what way? What visual and technical requirements are necessary?


If the first two steps have been completely properly, the design process can be started. Good design goes beyond being aesthetically pleasing—it needs to work within its environmental and cultural context. Form should always serve function.

I have designed for web, mobile, identity, print, and apparel.


Good code should be clean and easy to read, but most of all it must execute perfectly. In my opinion, if development is done successfully, the average user will never think about its existence.

I have developed projects in the following languages: Html 4 and 5, CSS2 and 3, JavaScript, JQuery, Php 4 and 5, WordPress, ActionScript 2 and 3, Flash Builder.

Testing, Delivery, Maintenance

Testing generally starts during the development phase, but once development is complete, testing goes into more depth. Cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-device…

Once all bugs have been fixed, the project gets launched. Depending on the project and client, a maintenance plan will be established.